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Plaintxt is a huge database of questions and answers on any topics, supported by links to independent sources. Here you can ask your question and review similar questions available; you can check sites referenced in questions and answers.

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Coming into my home, have a modem connected to an allegedly 20mb broadband connection. The modem has a single ethernet output. At present, I have it wired into a WRT54G 1.1 10/100 router with 4 ports ...
I have a Dell XPS L501X running 64-bit Windows 7. The following BSOD has occurred five times in the last three days. Can anyone help me determine how to fix this issue?
I'm trying to write the "ultimate" anti hot linking .htaccess... You can find many examples/tutorials/generators on the net but many of them are wrong or incomplete (or even both). These are the fea...